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Several months back, almbladscam.com was created with three goals in mind:

1.    To make other investors aware of what I knew of a scam that we had all fallen prey to involving a Illinois company called Laser Key LLP and its General Partner, Robert Almblad;

2.    To give the investors a place to share information so that we could get to the bottom of what really happened to our investment in Laser Key LLP; and

3.    To give potential investors in any of Robert Almblad’s other “investment opportunities” the benefit of our experience so that they would be better informed of just who and what they were dealing with and thereby possibly averting the loss of millions of dollars as in the case of the Laser Key investors.

Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined the response and the amount of information that I would be e-mailed about Robert Almblad in the months following the blog’s debut. Documentation of past business dealings, companies he’s owned or been associated with, lawsuits in which he has been involved, allegations of unethical conduct and more, much of which while very on-topic for a scam website, goes beyond the scope of the Laser Key scam itself.

Therefore the site has been redesigned and while still holding true to the original goals, this new site will involve a broader investigation into Almblad’s history of investment activities, business practices and wherever else the evidence leads us.  Over the next several weeks and months, the information received, once verified, will be released as well as new information that comes to light.

If you are an investor or a potential investor in any of Robert Almblad inventions, this blog is for you. I hope it helps.

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